Job Title:

Pre-Production Artist

Job Description:

Who are we?

Ahoy there, fellow gamers and game lovers! Have you heard of GunjanApps Studios? Of course you have, silly! We're the largest gaming company in the early years learning space in India! With over 200 million downloads, 50 million reviews, and 40+ games, our work speaks for itself!

Our mission? To bring smiles to the faces of millions and millions of children as they experience the magic of technology through our games. We dream big, with the goal of becoming the largest gaming company in the world. We want to see every kid on this planet playing games of GunjanApps, because learning and having fun should always be at the center of our games. So come join our adventure, and let's spread joy through gaming together!

Who are we looking for?

Are you a visual wizard who can turn a blank canvas into a world of wonder? Can you sketch a storyboard that’s as compelling as a blockbuster movie trailer? Then we want you to join GunjanApps Studios as our Pre-Production Artist! You’ll be the mastermind behind creating the concept art and storyboards that serve as the building blocks for our creative projects. You’ll work closely with our team of writers, directors, and other crazy creatives to bring our stories to life in a way that’s as mind-blowing as a boss battle. Apply now and let’s make some epic art together.

Job Responsibilities:

• Create storyboards that effectively communicate the story and visual style of the project.

• Collaborate with the director and other team members to establish the visual language of the project.

• Develop concept art that captures the mood, atmosphere, and characters of the project.

• Create color keys, lighting plans, and other visual guides that help inform the project's look and feel.

• Work closely with other artists to ensure visual continuity throughout the project.

• Iteratively refine storyboards and concept art based on feedback from the team.

• Research and stay up to date on industry trends and techniques for storyboarding and concept art.

Educational Qualification:

• A bachelor's degree in art, illustration, or a related field is preferred.

• Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and other digital tools used for storyboarding and concept art.

• A strong portfolio showcasing storyboarding and concept art skills.

• Excellent drawing and visual storytelling skills.

• Attention to detail and the ability to follow project guidelines and style guides.

• A passion for storytelling and creating engaging visuals that resonate with audiences.

Experience Requirements:

• A minimum work experience of 3 years and above is required.

• Experience with mobile game development will be added advantage

Additional Requirements:

• Strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with a team.

• A passion for storytelling and creating engaging visuals that resonate with audiences.

Compensation & Other Benefits

• Industry Competitive Salary


• Gratuity

• Annual Bonus


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GunjanApps Studios and Solutions LLP

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Kolkata, India

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Full Time