Job Title:

Game Designer

Job Description:

GunjanApps Studios is on the lookout for a dynamic Game Designer to sprinkle some magic in the realm of toddler learning games. If you're brimming with passion and possess the skills to whip up educational wonders, we want you on our creative squad. Picture this: you, the superhero crafting games that align perfectly with our mission to foster early childhood development. Ready for the challenge? Join us on this epic adventure! 🚀🎮

Job Responsibilities:

1. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to brainstorm and conceptualize innovative game ideas.

2. Create detailed design documents, including game mechanics, user interfaces, and interactive elements.

3. Develop rapid prototypes for testing and iteration on game concepts.

4. Work closely with educational experts to integrate age-appropriate learning objectives into game mechanics.

5. Design intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces suitable for toddlers.

6. Collaborate with artists, programmers, and sound designers to bring game concepts to life.

7. Conduct playtesting sessions with the target audience to gather feedback and iterate on game designs.

8. Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in toddler learning and game design.

Educational Qualification:

1. Bachelor's Degree in any field.

2. Degree/ Diploma / Certificate Course in Game Design, Interactive Media, or a related field.

Experience Requirements:

1. Experience in Designing and Developing games.

2. Industry work experience of 2 - 5 years required.

Additional Requirements:

1. Proficiency in game design tools and software.

2. Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

3. Creativity and a passion for creating meaningful educational content for toddlers.

4. An understanding of child psychology and educational principles will be an added advantage.

Compensation & Other Benefits

1. Industry Competitive Salary

2. EPF

3. Gratuity

4. Annual Bonus

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GunjanApps Studios and Solutions LLP

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Kolkata, India

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Full Time