GunjanApps Studios on Shark Tank India

GunjanApps Studios on Shark Tank India

Posted on: 09 Jan, 2023

GunjanApps Studios and Solutions LLP is an Indian Gaming Start-up which specializes in creating games for early childhood space. The company has been featured on the popular Television Show Shark Tank India, that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors and venture capitalists.

The founders of GunjanApps Studios Gunjan Gupta and Sourav Gupta were seen on the national television show Shark Tank India pitching their company for the first time in front of investors and VCs. The founders of GunjanApps Studios, Gunjan and Sourav, have a passion for creating games that are both educational and fun.

GunjanApps Studios is dedicated to creating high-quality, educational games that help children learn and grow. Their appearance on Shark Tank India has brought them one step closer to achieving their goal of becoming a leading name in the world of children's gaming. The Sharks were impressed with the concept gamification of education and the potential the games have to make a positive impact on young children's education.

Shark Tank India has paved the way for the company to bring their educational games to a wider audience. GunjanApps Studios has gamified learning, using game design elements and mechanics in non-game contexts to engage and motivate children to learn. They have more than 200 Million Downloads and 40 + apps. The games can be an effective way to make learning more fun and interactive for young children.

The founders of GunjanApps Studios took the stage of Shark Tank India to present their achievements so far. The Sharks lauded them for their achievements and wished them well. At GunjanApps Studios the key is to make learning fun and interactive for children. Gamification can be a great way to do this and can help to engage and motivate young learners.

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