Activities for 18 Months Old Kids

Activities for 18 Months Old Kids

Posted on: 02 Feb, 2023

Oftentimes we wonder about engaging our littles ones in activities where they learn and have fun simultaneously. Toddlers are explorers. They keep pushing themselves towards learning and acquiring new skills. Here is a list of activities that a parent can do to keep their children engaged.

1. Sensory Play: Activities that involves the five senses of a child should be encouraged in this age group. Offer a variety of textures and materials for your child to explore, such as play dough, sand, and water.

2. Building Blocks: Encourage your child to stack blocks or build towers. It is a great activity for hand eye coordination.

3. Music and Movement: Play music and dance with your child. You may also play online music and movement games, which teaches children in an original way about music instruments - their names, sounds and shapes. You may land up dancing with your toddler.

4. Art and Craft: Provide your child with simple art materials, such as finger paint, vegetable coloring, paper folding, paper tear and paste activity.

5. Online Coloring Book: There are many interactive games that are designed for young children that can help to develop their cognitive and motor skills. There are games and apps that offer online coloring pages that children can color using a computer or a tablet. Online Coloring Games

6. Books and stories: Read to your child and encourage them to explore books on their own. This makes them curious and inquisitive. You may as well show a virtual story to your child/ children/ toddlers/kids. There are many websites and apps that offer virtual story time sessions where children can listen to stories read aloud by a narrator.

7. Online puzzles and matching games: There are many online puzzles and matching games that are designed for young children, that can help to develop their cognitive and problem-solving skills. Animal Puzzle Game

8. Outdoor play: Take your child to the park, go for a walk, or play in the backyard. Playing with balls, cars, dolls, or other toys that your child can push or pull. These activities develop gross motor skills and balancing skills in a child.

As a parent, it is important to remember that every child is unique and has his/ her pace for learning things. They all develop skills at their own pace. We must encourage the children and be an involved parent. Also, it is essential to supervise all the above activities by an adult. While introducing technology to children, the correct parental controls should be applied and an effort should be made to make their scree-time meaningful.

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